Soldiering on Through Life Trust

Trustee – Mr Dennis Gimes
Introducing Dennis Gimes, a Veteran and ardent charity campaigner, having previously campaigned for the Bomber Command Memorial in 2012. More recently, he is the Trustee of Soldiering On Through Life Trust. This charitable initiative has pledged to raise funds and awareness about the veterans it supports, since it is largely unknown that thousands of the UK’s brave servicemen and women are left homeless following their departure from the military.

To raise money as well as public awareness to the plight of homeless veterans, London Quilters have collaborated with the Trust to produce a quilt which will include over 50 famous signatures of influential public figures including MPs, Olympic medallists, FTSE 100 CEOs and notable actors. Among the plethora of distinguished signatures include Nick Clegg MP, Dame Kelly Holmes, Antonio Horta Osorio (CEO Lloyds Banking Group) and John Bishop. The quilt will be exhibited across various venues across the UK and then sold at auction, all proceeds benefitting the Trust.

Dennis Gimes says: “The plight of the homeless veterans is something that needs to be constantly brought to our attention. This is an ongoing situation that sees men and women fight for our country only to become homeless upon their return. This is a devastating situation in which they find themselves.”


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