Upgrade Your Insider Risk, Cyber & InfoSec Management

We offer some of our most requested services in low-risk, high-value packages with transparent, upfront pricing. If you would like to discuss a custom engagement, contact us.

Virtual CISO (vCISO)

Most organisations store and process sensitive data of one kind or another. They also have high value company sensitive information and Intellectual Property (IP). There is both an expectation and legal obligation to protect, manage and govern that data in the correct way. Many organisations however do not have the adequate skills, resources or knowledge to guarantee that they are doing so effectively.

Armforce bring’s that skill set and that independent oversight, so that company boards can both implement the management systems and technical measures needed and demonstrate that protection and governance. It also means that you don’t need to hire an expensive full-time Chief Information Security Officer (CISO).

Our Cyber expert will help you to develop your security strategy and roadmap to build or improve on what you have in place already. Acting as a strategic risk advisor to the board and can attend board meetings and audit committees as required, giving company executives much-needed assurance (very much like a NED) that they are meeting their legal obligations.

Security and Compliance Packages

– General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR)
– Network & Information Security Directive (NIS) – aimed at Critical National infrastructure and Relevant Digital Service Providers
– Maritime Cyber Risk Management in Safety Management Systems – (Resolution MSC.428(98)) which comes into force on 1st January 2021

Using our Security Risk Assessments, we’ll work through a structured discovery project that will provide you with a clear picture of your compliance with these regulations and guidelines and we’ll work with you to create an action plan to ensure that your systems and processes are robust enough to protect your organisation from a data breach, business disruption or cyber-attack…….and get you compliant.

Cyber Security Concerige Services

ESID Consulting’s CyberConcierge solution brings together our network of preferred partners, all experts in their own right, in a single managed holistic cyber security service, designed specifically for personal networks and family offices. It provides corporate levels of protection in a tailored family office & private client setting.

Our UK based team of experts look for threats, rather than waiting for alerts. Applying human analytics, historical data and threat intelligence to decide what to do about it – something that technology cannot do on its own. This human element is essential in identifying risk and detecting unknown threats earlier, stopping cyber attackers in their tracks. There is nothing else like it for individuals and family offices.

Our CyberConcierge service for Private Clients is a fully managed service. Incorporating:

– Onsite technical assessment and remediation
– A cyber-security risk assessment
– Managed detection and response to cyber attack solution – UK based experts and technology
– Report and recommendations for further essential security mitigation measures

Family Office

Our CyberConcierge service for Family Offices is a fully managed service. Incorporating :

– Onsite technical assessment and remediation
– A cyber-security risk assessment
– A full cyber threat, information security gap analysis and compliance audit
– Managed detection and response to cyber attack solution – UK based experts and technology
– Virtual / Shared Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) provision
– Report and recommendations for further essential information security and governance / compliance mitigation measures

Security Partner Programme

Need help to implement or manage your information security programme? Want an experienced, external set of eyes to review your business operations and help improve your counter – corporate espionage programme, cyber resilience and manage your employee risk?

Join our Security Partner Programme. We will serve as your outsourced counter- industrial espionage, insider threat and information security team. To build and maintain a long term cyber security posture.

Insider Threat Adviser

As an organisational leader, you know your organisation and its people. Your job is to run the business. Insider Threat Management isn’t going to be your strong suit.

It is widely accepted that knowledge of cyber security and corporate espionage within the boardroom is in short supply. The cyber & insider threat is also a growing risk across all business and all sectors. This is where we fill the gap – With a background in counter-corruption and internal investigations at the highest levels, in both the public and private sectors and with extensive experience in front-line, executive and board level roles, our cyber expert is able to provide proven, expert knowledge and sound advice to the C-Suite.

Our Insider Threat Advisor service is designed to provide the board with the expertise and strategic knowledge required, to mitigate the cyber & insider threat and demystify the language of security professionals. Bringing an independent board level perspective to countering the the threat of industrial espionage & insider risk, in a way that balances the needs of the business to succeed and grow, and the requirement to remain secure, protected and resilient against an increasing cyber threat.

We act as either an independent advisor to the board or as a Non Executive Director (NED).

– Provides independent input and strategic advice to the C-Suite to counter the risk from the insider threat
– Support and advice on the proper implementation of a holistic security programme
– Deep understanding of security risk assessments and compliance issues from a board level perspective
– Support change, increase the engagement of all staff and develop a security culture aligned with business need
– Business based and pragmatic focus on insider risk management