Diplomatic & Government

Diplomatic Protection


We supply former government Personal Protection Officers/ Bodyguards to Governments throughout the world. Recognised as industry leaders in Specialist Royal Protection for providing the government standard to the private market.

All of our Close Protection Operators/ Bodyguards at Armforce Global are former specialist government protection, having served as Personal Protection Officers to Royal Families, UK Ministers, British Ambassadors and Senior Military Command Staff together with the provision of protection to specific persons of a targeted threat. In effect, we have rewritten the commercial/private sector approach by the delivery of the highest standards in Close Protection. By solely using former government CP trained operators, our level of service is unsurpassed.

We have undertook an array of high profile royal visits providing Diplomatic Protection services as directed via three main delivery method options according to the threat level in that region/country presented to our team at that time.

○ Overt Close Protection (High Profile & Low Profile)
○ Covert Close Protection (Protective Surveillance)
○ Both Overt & Covert Close Protection

In addition, or separately to any of the above we can also deploy designated:

○ Counter Surveillance/ Surveillance Detection Teams
○ Male and Female Royal Protection Officers
○ Police Class 1 Advanced Drivers
○ Search Teams (Bomb Disposal Experts)

In an uncertain world, Armforce Global provides comprehensive security solutions for global diplomatic missions to safeguard assets and citizens against hostile threats:

○ British , Saudi and UAE Royalty
○ Presidents and Prime Ministers
○ Ambassadors and Diplomats
○ Government Ministers
○ Senior Military Command Staff