Who We Are

Our Organisation

Armforce Global was founded in 2011 by former serving members of the UK Armed Forces. We provide international, bespoke Risk Management Consultancy and unrivalled Security Services for Individuals, Governments, Companies and Corporations.

Armforce Global’s outlook is providing a stand alone client focussed Protection and Risk Management service supported by an impressive global network of former colleagues and associates from the worldwide security community. Armforce Global with the guidance and support of its collective strives to remain an innovative Protection and Risk Management Company.

Armforce has provided Close Protection, Protective Surveillance and Covert Protection to Ambassadors, UK and International Special Envoys for and on behalf of the British Governments Foreign and Commonwealth Office, several members of the British and Saudi Royal families, members of Parliment, influential world business leaders and UHNWI’s.

Our operatives are drawn from the following United Kingdom Government’s Tier 1 units and agencies and have Bio’s as provided here;

– Royalty & Specialist Protection (RaSP), formerly SO14 Royalty Protection & SO1 Specialist Protection (Prime Minister/ Government Ministerial Protection)
– SO15 Counter Terrorism Command (Anti-Terrorist Branch & Special Branch)
– SO20 Counter Terrorism Protective Command Police Search Advisors (PolSA)
– Special Escort Group
– SO6 Diplomatic Protection Group
– Royal Military Police Close Protection Unit
– UK Special Forces (SAS, SBS, SRR)
– UK Armed Forces
– MI5 Security Service Operators
– MI6 Intelligence Officers
– Intelligence Corps
– Government Technical Surveillance Counter Measures
– NHS Doctors, Paramedics, Clinicians, Ambulance Service

The Team

The Collective